I know several people who love to say “We are not here to make friends” when they are in the workplace facing an antagonistic colleague or someone they probably upset by being hyper-assertive.

Somewhere during the span of my over decade-long career I have bought that logic. “We are not here to make friends”

I have seen peers and friends use this stance at work to intimidate an under-performing subordinate or coerce co-operation from colleagues who refuse to tow the line of a corporate agenda or a personal mandate. And do this quite successfully too.

But what about those underlings frustrated at being treated like Man Fridays and Girl Fridays with never a thought about their career aspirations. I have seen many a closed door fights with resignations thrown and water poured over heads; HR playing referee or peacemaker and temporary peace reigning till the next time this stance rises its head again.

So how can camaraderie and work go along hand in hand, would love to hear your thoughts on this……….





3 thoughts on “Camaraderie

  1. @ Jose Kottanani

    I would love to use the tactics that you have described above. I just wonder if the same works on one’s boss or a manager, they have more clout you know, especially when it comes to “performance appraisal’s” .

  2. @jose, tomcat cut out with the preetiji, just preeti will do 😀
    hmmm wonder if i’m guessing the Thomson one rite 😉
    ye ur style of dealing with bullies is the only way to go…sadly all of us turn out to be one given a chance. like someone said nothing corrupts like absolute power.

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