As I begin the countdown to Comic Con 2011 @ Dilli Haat, Delhi on February 19 and 20 the excitement is building up.

My brother & I would fervently wish to be magically transported to Comic conventions usually held at San Diego when we were lil’ kids reading Archie Comics. Much later as as we graduated through life comic convention still held a special place in our hearts and mind coz it brought back memories of lazy summer days when Archie Comics, a bag of chips, soft pillows and chocolate milkshake completed our Paradise.

For some reason most of the Comic Cons in Archie Comics would be held at San Diego and Archie and his Gang ganged up to trade comics, talk with Stan Goldberg, while Archie’s friend Chuck would look around for inspiration as the Marvel heroes roamed about in costumes.

Brother & I moved on from Archie Comics to the Archie Digests series. We had fights over Jughead and Laugh digests (somehow we never really took to the Veronica digest or the Archie series either)  till The Ghost who walks invaded our collective imagination.

Phantom and Indrajal comics fought for space as we traded comics and fought over who would read the latest issue first. Lee Falks’ Phantom has since remained a favourite and even the pathetic movie version was not able to supplant my child hood hero. My Guardian of the Eastern Dark with his dog Devil and steed Hero was all that I ever wanted in a man.

Remember this: “I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms, and my sons and their sons shall follow me”

Indrajal had several other characters like Bahadur, Mandrake and Lothar, Kerry Drake, Rip Kirby and so many back-page elements like Henry (I still love this tyke) but no one came anywhere close to The Man Who Cannot Die.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my favourite second-hand book shops to pick up whatever series of Phantom I could lay my hands on- ZERO, that is what I got.

Phantom comics which were available at the neighbourhood kabadiwalla from whom my mosima (grandma) got me my diet of Indrajal for a rupee was not available now even though I was ready to pay a 100. “Sorry ma’am we have such an order backlog for this that before we can even call a buyer who has placed an order some one else walks in to pick it up,” said the second-hand bookwalla.

If any of you folks know of a place I can pick up Phantom comics do let me know, will be eternally grateful. Even better I will trade you some of my old Tarzans for Kit Walker, just bring him on….


9 thoughts on “Comicacity

  1. Reminds me of those days, when me and my brother used to fight for the single comic book coming into our home. Now he is too busy in his work, while I rule supreme over the relics. Haaa… time flies 🙂

    Indrajal comics prices have shot up the roof, ever since the nostalgia factor was triggered by the famous, The Comic Project (TCP). Now, I am left to preview them only on scanned ones 😦

    • @rafiq, thanks for dropping by. hope u come here often. Same here i rule supreme unfortunately there isn’t much to rule over. old indrajal comics are harder to come by than gold methinks. i’m making rounds of the raddiwala to see if i hit the jackpot. would be great to lay my hands on the beautiful sketched ones i loved….

  2. Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Bahadur… I was introduced to the world of comic books when my mom gave me a huge bag that contained them. There were around 400 odd books and they remained my prize possessions until I moved on to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

    I guess they must be around the house somewhere, completely moth eaten! Will let you know (also the condition they are in) when I find them.

    • @rocksta, oh please do u won’t believe how eternally grateful i would be.. i go on a scouting trip every weekend to all the second-hand book stores i know just to get those…

  3. Yesterday, i roamed aroud South Extn in New Delhi to look for new/old comics book(as always), if i remember correctly, i think i found a bunch of Phantom comics… But the page ain’t same size like diamond comics, and print quality was pretty nice… :)… donno where you’re from… just wana let u kno 🙂

    • @peter.. didn’t like the diamond comic prints, somehow felt it was slightly inferior to the originals. let me know whereabouts in delhi will certainly look out for the place. in delhi the week after next, feb 19&20 to be precise, to attend the Comic Con India 2011.. hope to see u there.

  4. @jose.. hehe u tomcat u…. may hire rip kirby to steel it from u, all for a just cause so desmond and he will be happy to help i’m sure.
    yeh sorry i missed flash gordon, zarkov and ming and of course naimu hopatya…remember pure energy!! don’t know if i got the name right tho?!!

    • @tomcat, will do one better. will gift it in person when ever i visit mumbai, and thanks for reading the posts and leaving ur thots behind. helps me figure out things a lot better. wrt diamond comics yup they certainly were reruns and the quality of print was sad..stopped buying them after the first few

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