The Great Leveler

\”Just the way you are by barry white\”

That’s the mobile phone for you, not death.

And what brought this crazy thought on… There I was making plans to meet up with this guy who initiated me into business blogging and we had been chalking plans to meet for more than two months now. e-mails exchanged, phone numbers exchanged, facebook posts exchanged and all set for the meet up.

He in CHN, and Me in BLR. Decided on BLR to meet since he travels more frequently than I.

A previous botched attempt to meet fresh in our minds this time we went about setting up the meeting with military precision. time and venue mutually agreed on the only thing pending was date and day. that done i was all set, phone in hand eager to meet, discuss, learn and exchange.

Koramangala Forum Mall where the janta meets and equi-distant for both of us.

4.50 pm and counting time since we had to meet up at 5 pm, when my cleverness just shone through.

Clever Quotient #1 -Didn’t store his number on my phone or write it down either on good old paper with good old pen

Clever Quotient #2 – Didn’t check the charge on my phone

Clever Quotient #3 – Didn’t agree on the exact spot, after all Forum is an ocean with all the fishes swimming by

Well the rest of the story played to script. As DD approached the phone predictably went dead, I didn’t have his number so there was no way of getting in touch. Tried my luck waited around went from Mc-D to KFC and back. Got back home red in my ears ‘coz I heard my brother say “Dodo dodo dodo.”

Checked my mail box later at night and there it was, a polite stinker for ditching out….and all thanks to a No-Brainer and my dependence of the Great Leveler- the ubiquitous cellphone…..gahhhhhhhh!!!

Why Leveler and the connect??

Mobile phone companies are fighting hammer and thongs at grabbing a big juicy pie of the Indian market. Over 155.9 million units sold this past year and 2 different studies come out with rankings that have cellphone makers ready to tear into each other’s touch screens. Nokia, Samsung and LG are slugging it out and this is no LOVE FEST. Every one wants a part of the Indian market. Your kaamwali bhai has it, your garbage collector has it and so does your boss and his #2. Who cares if the models are different?? Everyone has it don’t they. Ever come across a bigger leveler??!

And there I was leveled out and slammed all ‘coz i didn’t charge my cell, and forgot there is still something called a paper and a pen……….


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