New Beginnings

After a long mostly happy stint as a working professional at various organisations I have mustered courage to chart my own destiny.

Before I did here was my SWOT:

Strengths: Good grasp of content, vocally voluble, a relatively thick skin, loved cooking, always ready to experiment, wasn’t shy of making a fool of myself, had good network of contacts and an even better professional support system (I think), reasonably good liking and grasp of social media, took feedback positively

Weakness: Wasn’t good at repetitive work (sucked in fact), not good with dealing/playing office politics, took offense easily (yup contradictory to my earlier assessment), got emotional when not needed, lazy, not good with excel or lousy people and I’m sure there are more but this is what I could come up with

Opportunites: Networking meant I could get into sales and marketing, public relations, content services, corporate communications or any communications-related field, could start a MESS if all else fails

Threats: Laziness may lay all my plans to rest. RIP!!!!

So here I was after the SWOT, and it all became clearer than crystal had to choose a content and communications-related job. This is what I perceive myself to be- a content and communications specialist. The fact that I managed to sustain this blog a whole year, and I have at least a handful of readers bolstered my confidence immensely.

I hope you lovely people keep coming back as I ramble on my journey to discover my true calling.

So 2011 finds me in a new avatar with Word-Viz and The Glass Ceiling.

I have taken on consultancy to help a public relations firm with content and communications. I have also completed a few content projects for social media=face book as of date. Helping out firms with SEO content.

So people, here I am. REACH OUT if you or anyone you know want content-related services. Word-Viz your friendly content provider is here to help.

Narrowed down offerings to this:

Social Media=Content for Facebook page, Twitter feeds, Blogs, Website content, SEO content

Marketing Collaterals=news letters, case studies, white papers, thought leader papers, brochures

Internal Communications=Intranet content, e-learning modules, newsletters and newsbriefs, journals

LET US KNOW if Word-Viz has missed out on any OPPS. Waiting eagerly to hear from you.

Cheers and a VERY HAPPY 2011 to all of you






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