Dawn of a New Decade

Just finished a week long celebration of my birthday. Crossed the 30-mark quite some time back so asked myself what’s in a number as another year passes me by?!!

Now don’t go thinking I was being hedonistic by celebrating my birth a whole week. Of course ’tis a cause to celebrate but my b-day, lucky that I am, ties up with Christmas so Niligris had its cake show and every other bakery worth its name had plum cakes and iced confectionary and Thoms had its house wine as did Fatimas, so there I was tipsy and tight with sugar, spice and every thing nice.

Which state of mind naturally brought me to an introspective plane. As I look towards the new decade and bid goodbye to ten years that flew too soon for me to take stock of what happened or what I have done, I am excited and full of eager anticipation for what the morrow brings.

These years past I lost a few people who mattered and in the process learnt to value those that are still here with me.

I cherish every morning for being blessed to wake up each day and have my moom hug me and give me the morning glass of choco-milk in spite of Bangalore’s biting cold and her hurting bones.  To argue with her endlessly over trivialities but make up the next minute with a hug and a kiss. To have her worry about my health and well-being though I am pretend not to listen and care.

Nanu, God willing, will cross 92 this coming year. My umbrella from all ills continues to enjoy his morning walks and arguments on politics. CID holds him enthralled as does Anthony Bourdain’s voracious appetite. Shudder to imagine the day my umbrella is snatched from me living me without shelter and warmth.

Malty the monkey grows unbridled and unfettered. Happy to be petted even happier to play ever happy with his rubber bone. Eight months and stopped counting now since the threat of him getting kicked out has stopped finally. Yup, my moom stopped with the threats and pampers him more than she does me.

Onkle dahlin still gets me the hot bondas, nippatus, vadas and jalebis not to forget the hot bunroot. French is still something I aspire to learn if maybe disciple myself hard enough someday I may learn to say/write a whole para instead of je t’aime. Je T’aime. Je T’aime.

This decade past I finally made friends with myself . My biggest achievement till now.

I made friends with the most unlikeliest of people and stopped living in regret.

I accept now that for all my stubborn independence I cling on to my frere like an orchid does a tree. Someday I hope to stay on my tree for good, but that day hasn’t come yet.

I accepted that I can love again, and give without getting.

I care without clinging.

I am selfish and can be selfless too.

I have found pals quirky and amusing but ready to stand by and stand with.

Extended my family and found no cause to regret.

Learnt a few skills that will help me earn my wages.

Bought a dwelling which turned into paradise with all the collective memories and memorabilia it has.

Started blogging again thanks to some unswerving support from Rocksta and all of you.

So HAPPY 2011 and MAY the years to come take all of you on adventures worth remembering and bring you joys unbounded.



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