In the making

Met this extremely talented young friend today..spirited, dynamic and uber-independent. Though the E-bug is yet to bite her, the signs are all there. Now this lady in question is an avid traveler and must have visited over 16 countries solo just going by some of the accounts I have heard from her. Though a solo female traveler is no great shakes, it still brings about a pessimistic shake of the head from a generation past. Lewd men, physical weakness if confronted with danger, going solo without protection and so on are just a few of the dire warnings freely belted out.

This lady has laid to rest all those dire predictions and notched up several interesting locations including Vietnam on her travel bag. Her idea is to start a travel consultancy that would accommodate all sorts of travel requests. Now, I won’t divulge more details of her vision but she has already taken a step in this direction and conducts walking tours in her home state. Perhaps, some day soon she will set out to walk the whole distance.

Meanwhile the chance meeting with her threw up some interesting questions.

  • Is it easier for men to become entrepreneurs than women given the associated risk?
  • Do women have the focus and drive to follow through?
  • Are some areas like hard core technology and research-based business start-ups naturally inclined for men than women?
  • Can women balance the home-business challenges and succeed on both fronts?
  • Do women put more pressure on themselves to succeed and by doing this set themselves up for failure?
  • Will business take a back seat if the woman is facing an emotional situation/issue?
  • Are men also subject to these same set of issues?

Do share your thoughts…………..


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