Entrepreneurial Bug

hasn’t bitten me yet though I feel a lil’ sting every so often. Keep reading about all those daring entrepreneurs who gave up successful careers to start on their own. A cousin is on the verge of chucking it all and starting a boutique, while a friend has already garnered an enviable reputation in corporate event management. Perhaps someday I shall to when I latch on to what I am suited for. Right now, I am playing with words @word-viz and helping folks when the opportunity arises. Like almost every other person I know I yearn for the open space. Hard work and capital so it can wait.

Meanwhile, sharing some of the success stories I was lucky to come across during my stint as a writer/journalist. You have already heard the stories of Infosys, Wipro, MindTree, Biocon, Shahnaz Hussain and of course, Dhirubhai Ambani. Well, India has a lot more to offer and all you need to do is look around and explore your own backyard. These entrepreneurs may not be as BIG as the ones I have already mentioned, but there stories too are worth a telling.

I shall strive to bring these to you whenever I’m fortunate enough to come across these diamonds in the rough going forward…



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