On a roll

Sometimes life throws a curve, or so I hear handsome hunks and pretty gals mouth off in movies whenever something unexpected hits them…well life throws a curve…. am off everything for a few days now and still going… giving me opp aplenty to catch up with and on… on a roll, and caught up with

  • Kramer vs Kramer
  • Flash Dance
  • Steve Laars’ Girl With The Golden Tatoo
  • Agatha Christie’s excellent Jane Marple mysteries
  • Asterix & The Banquet, Asterix & Son, Asterix in Britain, Asterix and The Legionary, Asterix in Corsica and still counting……….
  • Sholay
  • Kaalia
  • Sathe Pe Sathe
  • Love Story
  • Tootsie
  • Chandamama-60 Golden Years including “Vikram Mai Tera Peecha Nahi Chodunga…hahahahahahahahahahahah”
  • In Bruges (thanks Y Vj, but not Y really)
  • Playing with Malty
  • Playing with Malty
  • Playing with Malty
  • Playing with Malty
  • Starting to eat cucumber, carrots and cabbage in that order without throwing up
  • Drinking Buttermilk (again without throwing up)
  • Listening to the FAMILY chronicles, courtesy my grandfather (Plot of Current episode: My grandfather has run away from home to Chennai in 1935 to pursue his studies, and stays at his aunt’s place, who doesn’t take care of him but gives him half an anna for breakfast+lunch. My GP walks to school 15 kms away to save up on fare…….Read Bambubhaibatliwala for more)
  • Rebonding, nope not my hair, with mum. Amazing woman with a terrific sense of humour (quite unlike me) and a childish curiosity (like me)…hmmm know where i get all my bad habits from
  • Parlez vous francais avec mon cher onkle….yea yea preening to how i used to know french and never went beyond level 2. hope to finish before i croak
  • backslapping my lil kiddo, nope not my kid but my brother and appreciating wat a great human being i have for a sibling, sigh sigh
  • Almost done with The English Patient without losing my patience
  • Writing notes to myself aka Glass Ceiling

Cheerio and happy Sunday 😀


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