It’s never too late to change till the last breath you take.

Change a habit, Change a life, Change yourself, Bring about Change, Change ……. After nearly eleven years of a routine existence where i danced to the drum of….a job, a career, a paycheck, meaningless relationships, bad choices, the clock tick, the mobile buzz, status messages on Facebook, new mail, false promises, falser praise i have decided to be the change.

Why bend over backwards to change someone, something, some place, some place else when it is easier to look within and change yourself.  Cliched it sounds but this is the truth. Look Within.

Many are the times when jobs get to be monotonous, colleagues frustrating, situations irritating, hands tied up and head tied in with thoughts of EMIs, unpaid credit card bills, families to support, ego to be salved, unrequited love, overpowering nauseating love …Sit back, take a deep breath and RELAX. These problems will go on for we will never be satisfied with what we have, and if we are, there is always someone someplace  who may look to you for support.

Such is Life.

Minimisedeclutter your closet, your life, your finances, your thoughts. When 2 shoes are the same as 24, when 4 pairs would suffice instead of 15, when one credit card will suffice instead of a clutter, when it doesn’t matter what your neighbour or your friend think about what you do or who you are..

Stop Hoarding – give away what you do not use to charity to someone who needs it more; Do not store old coupons that you know will never get redeemed; Do not Stock up like you are waiting for APOCALYPSE now.

LIVE LIFE – It is difficult to live life when every day living takes up much of your time. It doesn’t take a minute to look up and see the sky, feel blessed for having the sight to see and the sense to appreciate beauty and the freedom to be where you are. It doesn’t take a minute to hug your loved one or Tell someone you are sorry or TELL someone I love you, and mean it..

ForGIVE and FORGET – Easier said than done especially if it was a remark that humiliated you and took away your last vestige or pride; if it scalded your dignity and hurt more than slap or a punch. Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me goes an old adage and more falsehood have I seldom heard I realise as I get older. Bruises heal but harsh words resound long after the sound has ebbed. BUT… forgive remember it’s a small life and Forget, ‘coz that small memory drive you have needs space for better things.


Cherish the life you have, Cherish the love you have got. Live in the HERE and NOW, not your past nor your Future.

May the Force be with you my friends. May Shakthi guide your way and your will. Stay safe.


4 thoughts on “Change

  1. While reading this, a thought it me. Most of us are not aware that we always have a ‘choice’ – at-least most of the time.

    It is when we choose and choose wisely, do we change. I hope I am making sense.

    Anyway, the lines you have written about “Cherish” made me remember a movie dialogue. It is at the end of the movie – Fantastic 4: The rise of the Silver Surfer, where the Surfer gives life back to Susan (Jessica Alba) and says: “Treasure each moment with her and tell her she’s right, we do have a choice”.

    Change is only possible when there are choices.

  2. Yeah that is why i sometimes hate this world. everyone in a mad rush. no one seems to have time to stop and smell the flowers, hear the bird sing, or just inhale the fresh air. Oh how i love WH Davies’ Leisure —-“What is this life if full of care// We have no time to stand and stare//No time to stand beneath the boughs// And stare as long as sheep or cows…………………

    • love the lines jose….. we cannot escape the mad rush but we do not have to be a part of the mad rush always, the world goes on even if you or i or any one else stops… to hear the birds sing, to smell the flowers and inhale fresh air (unfortunately more petro fumes and dung where i live) but u get the point 😀
      cheers jose……

  3. @rocksta.. yup, we never realise we have a choice. you know what motivated this post, Steve Lars’ Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Read it if u haven’t, a great thriller no doubt but its underlying text is what gets me especially the protagonist. That is when I realised, even at the most difficult of times we have a CHOICE. Unfortunately, we do not choose to choose if it is inconvenient or painful agreeing with ourselves instead to IGNORE the choice.
    AWAKEN and LIVE every moment. Perhaps then, it may be easier to make choices, perhaps, not always for the better but a conscious choice instead of Giving UP and GIVING in…..

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