Perceptions please..

Conducting a Perception study on what Indian youth have to say about some ageless brands in India. Brands include Amul, Ambassador, Maruti, Titan and Bajaj. We are looking at Truly Indian brands that are made in India for India.

Some questions which want your perceptions/views/critical comments include Whether these brands are associated with the country’s progress towards complete self reliance and economic supremacy or are they a relic of the British Raj? Are we still carrying huge chips of the colonial block on our collective shoulders?

Much ado made about the Common Wealth Games.. lack of preparation, money being swindled, taxpayers money and nothing to show for it, pathetic CWG village, etc etc..My question: Countries under the CW fold fought long and hard for their independence, some bloody some peaceful, some long and hard and some not as much..Yet, collectively the CW nations comes together to celebrate the CWG games, is this relevant now? What does the CWG signify anymore to the CW countries.

Ambassador is still associated with India and mostly Indian bureaucracy. Does the Ambassador car have any significance now? Will it be possible to associate the Ambassador with new age living for Indian youth? Can we make this a cultural symbol of India: -Sturdiness=India’s unshaken democracy; Looks=India’s simplicity and steadfast nature; Capacious interiors=India’s renowned hospitality and encompassing melting pot nature. Are there are other things of the Ambassador that make it a great symbol of what we call India.

Amul – The Taste of India. The slogan says it all. Is Amul ready to survive the onslaught of the Baskin Robbins and the Haagen Daaz? What more does Amul need to do?

Titan, Maruti and Bajaj- The trio represent Indian innovation having successfully scaled up to reach mass commercial appeal and continue their success story but is this the end of a new beginning for the TRIO?


2 thoughts on “Perceptions please..

  1. 1. Abt CWG Games being celebrated, Arindham Choudary (he sometimes speaks sense) also questioned its authenticity
    2. No more comments on Amby. Just pictorial representation. Next question, plz :p 🙂
    3. Guess Amul now needs to tap into the health conscious size zero youth (Don’t know whether those products exists in Amul portfolio, if so, they are moving in the right direction coz datz ‘The Taste of New India’! (Btw.. the Amul ads are timeless!!)
    4. The throne of Titan, Maruti & Bajaj will soon be usurped by Bloggers on 80Feet Road 🙂

  2. CWG is still highly relevant, especially for the athletes who get to test their mettle and get a feel of the international arena…. a stepping stone for the Olympics. However, if they organized in such a shabby way, then the athletes and people lose interest in them, giving rise to the feeling that it is no longer relevant.

    Now to Amby – It needs a make over…. the lumbering elephant image won’t do anymore…. It needs to shed flab, morph itself into something smaller, nippier and most importantly.. better mileage.

    Amul is deeply rooted in India, it is not about Amul surviving the onslaught; it is how much of an inroad can these foreign brands make.

    Titan, Maruti and Bajaj need to continually re-invent themselves to keep pace in their respective segments. Otherwise, there is real danger that they will be reduced to the “also rans”.

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