Mob –(ab)- ility

Mad men and mobs. Plenty getting written about on New Media Platforms (read: Facebook/Twitter/Forums/Blogs) on impending Ayodhya verdict and possible mob violence. State governments across the country have (hopefully) taken preventive measures to ensure there is no replay of what happened in the past.

Not giving my two bits coz that is bound to have all the flag-bearing powers flag me down. After all there is much ado about nothing, if you look at it from my perspective – a mythical character representing the ‘Ideal Man’ when he disbelieved his wife and considered every angle but his life partner’s. What more do I say?

My only bit – mob mentality shouldn’t over take the sane mind. Seen mobs chasing neighbours and terrorizing friends in the name of religion, a dead film icon, the release of a new movie and even allowing outsiders write national competitive exams but never to protest against denial of their human rights, lack of nutrition, lack of education, and so many other (un)important things.

Our mobility to move beyond the pettiness is what has held us in good stead, let us not let mob (Ab) ility to DO us in and ROCK our existence.

Let PEACE prevail, and not pieces.


The majority favored in the Ayodhya verdict and life goes on or only time will tell. Meanwhile, some gems on the verdict plastered on SM.

Saumyadeb Chakrabarty The verdict is simple — there will be a temple, there will be a mosque and there will be a gym.
Gurdeep Singh ik tarf mandir, ik tarf masjid, tey vich nange pehelwaan

Gunajit Brahma begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Just read the Ayodhya Verdict!

My take.. History has shown us that division of land (eg. Pakistan and Bangladesh) has only created hatred and war. Instead, utilise the land to make an Educational institute of world repute where students from any and every religion can come and study.
Education should come before religion for building a… Great Nation.
Right to Education. Right to Prosperity. Right to Peace. Jai Hind.

Debabrata Debabrata Acharjee
We have built enough mosques and temples. Lets build the nation now
nehamaini Neha Maini

The problem with all our collective blogging about the #ayodhya verdict is that no Kar Sevak is going to read these posts and weep

vikramadhiman Vikrama Dhiman
+11 ka prasad RT @harmanjit @timesofindia should publicly applogise for its inflammatory & irresponsible Headline today on #Ayodhya verdict!
SnehaGee Sneha G
Discussing the Ayodhya verdict with the rickshaw walla. Rather educated & disinterested man. We shall get along.

One thought on “Mob –(ab)- ility

  1. Loved this ….”a mythical character representing the ‘Ideal Man’ when he disbelieved his wife and considered every angle but his life partner’s. ”

    I totally agree with you.

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