Ennui hit me hard this morning as I fought traffic jams and tried to make sense of a never-ending cacaphony of honks, jostling people, flag-bearing men in white and stick-holding men in khakis. Is this what life has come to I wondered? Commuting back and forth, a mere cog in some one else’s wheel and probably less than that, come to think of it.


Doesn't this make you believe there is something better waiting out there....

Existential Qs rambled on.. what am i doing? where am i headed to? do i know anyone and does anyone know me? meaningless cheer and cheerless smiles… is this depressing or fodder for a better me, a more fulfilling today and a meaningful tomorrow. or will this turn out to be just another speck in a continum called Living?!!


4 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. We constitute but a miniscule element, each one very siginificant, of a picture called life.

    From the rag picker on the street, to the richest tycoons, from the tiny pebbels to the vast snow capped mountians, …..

    At the end of the day, we mortals get back to our dwellings, ponder, narrate …. and await another daybreak which continues to unfold the unknown part of this picture.

    Life is but an Illusion OR Maya if we may quote Lord Krishna !
    Letz geton n see the rest of this pict!

    Jai ho Goblin the hidden mind reader!

    • @pam. wow, i couldn’t word it any better than that, and exactly why i titled my ocean pic a SPECK.

      Early hours of the morning as I stood there on the brink of waves rushing out to touch me and enfold me in their embrace, watching the sun rise every passing second, seeing the colors change around me and sensing that unexpected but welcoming quietude and calm was JOYOUS, to say the least. I am but a speck in this vast universe and beyond. All of the humdrum activities and churning emotions don’t have any place when such a spectacle sees fit to arise before you.

      Thank my friend for making me wake up at 4.30 just so we don’t miss that monumentous moment and my brother’s Cybershot for allowing me my feeble attempts at capturing those stunning and ever-changing visuals 😀

  2. When I finished reading this post, I noticed the tags given to it and on an impulse decided to recommend that you read Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”. But better sense prevailed after few seconds had passed; and I realized that it was the last thing you might want to read.

    Do not forget to spread the knowledge, when you have found the answers to your questions. Enlighten us!

    • @rocksta.. i don’t know if we ever find answers to questions like these? and no, don’t remind me of the rishis of yore. honestly don’t have the patience that these great learned men did, and perhaps that’s what makes me a mere mortal who gets such existential Qs from time to time. mayhap some day i might find a lil’ clue of why i am and who a i am. and when i do i shall certainly write those down, even if not here perhaps some place else. till then Qs like this are sure to make me more inquisitive to discover this joyous journey of Living…cheers Rocksta and thanks for reading my random ravings..

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