Crying Shame

So far I have desisted joining the Crying Shame movement playing along the country as one fiasco straddles another in the ongoing preparation for the Common Wealth Games. Today’s reportage on the The Wall Street Journal is no different.

Some gems spewn by our admirable people-in-command include a much-talked about television interview by Lalit Bhanot, if you do not know who he is you will soon enough. Sharing a few more with you…

On collapse of a footbridge under construction – Jaipal Reddy, India’s minister for urban development, says the event would go smoothly despite the problems. “I am as confident, as cool as ever, about organizing Commonwealth Games in a very successful, comfortable way. I don’t think these matters will affect the image of the government or the country in the final analysis.”

A.K. Sinha, the chief engineer of the Public Works Department of the Delhi government—the agency responsible for constructing the bridge—calls Tuesday’s incident a “setback,” but expresses confidence that the project would be completed before the Games begin. “The mishap happened due to support failure, leading to the collapse of the footbridge onto the car park tarmac underneath. The engineers are investigating the cause of the accident.”

Michael Fennell, the Games Federation president says: “The problems are arising because deadlines for the completion of the Village have been consistently pushed out. Now, the high security around the site, while vital, is slowing progress and complicating solutions.”

On international criticism on poor show so far: Mr. Reddy, the minister for urban development says there has been no criticism about the quality of the Games Village but only complaints about services and maintenance. The government would work with the Organizing Committee to ensure the success of the Games, he says.

Now what more do I say, Jai Ho?!!


5 thoughts on “Crying Shame

  1. I seriously hope the Biggies’ at the CWGF sit up and say enough is enough. I know that I am not sounding like a patriot, but it is time for hard / harsh decisions. Cancel the games and hold it somewhere else. That is the only way we will learn, I hope! Let us not embarrass ourselves anymore.

    • @rocksta. Happy to report that Facebook is abuzz with discussions on CWG+Stop the Corrupt CWG+Hate Kalmadi Groups and what-have-you. Sadly the common man doesn’t matter anymore and the ones who do don’t care.

    • Canceling the games won’t work coz of rising resentment and public sentiment against the shoddy or no-preparation that the government did/is doing.The blame game and passing the buck that bureaucracy excels at has already started. Watch and enjoy as the nautanki unfolds. And like in all crisis situations the govt. has turned to that one force, no not God, but the Indian ARMY to bail them out!!

  2. @RockSta…..
    I think they sat seriously b’for for planing & all… but they planed something else, that how much they will put in their pockets…
    Delhi; general ppl r already facing so much of troubles, coz of so called CWG!!!!!
    participants from 71 countries r helling down, i think from 2day they started coming down!!!
    coming down 2 what u said; “cancel the games”!!!! will it be possible now!!! or to shift somewhere else, no it’s not possible RockSta…. i am sure many more things we will c in coming days!! just coz of few ppl, it will be shameful… 100 mai 80 baimaan fir bhi apna desh mahan!!! hope & wish evrything go good with CWG….

    • agree shinestar.. lekin baiman abhi desh ko badnaam karne mai tule huwe aur phir mehamaan nawaazi bhi karenge!! mera bharat mahaan zaroor agla elections mai bolenge! Jai Ho Jai HO… aur hamari sau karod+ janta kya bolega… …..
      Zigackly… Silence, absolute silence.

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