Had an emotional moment professionally this past week as I bid adieu to a dear colleague who had decided to move on. After all, cliched though it sounds, life is all about moving on.

I have parted ways with several colleague who still remain good friends and with whom I ensure regular contact, and several with whom I have not kept in touch with beyond a Linkedin. After all if I have not been great pals when we worked together would I if i add them on FB. All it would do is add another digit to the number of “friends” I have.

Coming back to the teary farewell, this lady thanked the team with whom she worked for being madcaps, and bid them continue their madcapness (read boisterous+irreverant).

She didn’t get much of a eulogy for the good job she did or the fab team player she was. Got me thinking.

  • Does it take too much to appreciate the goodness in others and be vocal about it?
  • Shouldn’t we appreciate good work just as quick when a boo-boo is made?
  • Shouldn’t professionalism also mean giving a pat on the back just as a kick in the backside, shouldn’t it extend to more than a scorecard of all the goofups younger employees make?

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