Moving On II

Moving on took on a whole new meaning when I touched base with a dear friend after ever so long.

An ex-colleague and a real good friend, this lady has discovered another side to her life.

Like most of the folks I know who are caught up in the humdrum routine, which has become life, this lady has discovered a hobby, which I hope, and  her other half hopes become a calling for her.

One evening, fed up with not being to able to find anything to suit her taste, she picked up some material and started stitching a dress. A beautiful sundress that was admired by one and all including yours truly. Now scoff if you must, but designing and then hand-stitching a dress is not as easy as you may think, and making it look like it were from a highfaloootin boutique even more so.

This lady has now stitched more than a few of her designs and has friends trying to persuade her to take on orders for them as well. When asked what made her take up such a physically exhausting hobby, her reply, “You do not know how de-stressing it is on an evening when my work day sucks and I have just had a fight with my other half. All my frustrations get woven into this and I lose myself and discover myself afresh.”

Another friend I know has taken to cartooning in a big way, and such witty satirical toons they are too, while another is into nature photography, and yet another into landscaping. Some extremely talented folks I know are that skilled with turning out oil painting and glass etchings it makes me green with envy.

Why am I writing about them?

Coz’ all of these folks have discovered or reignited their passion and their hobbies into a de-stressing activity. Whether it is painting, theatre, cartoons, puns and witticisms, blogging or organising events and MC-ing, these talented souls are showing the way to getting unshackled…from a day-to-day existence of logging in and logging out, living pay check to pay check, looking over shoulders and backsides to check for sharp-edged instruments and what have you….

Move on, move on and discover your talent.. Even if you aren’t able to make a living from it right now, it is worth the time and investment. Who knows, someday you may sell your oil canvass to a discerning buyer, and not your best friend 😀


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