IIMs have roped in Prometric to ensure glitch-free exams, but what about examination malpractices?? What do you think??

Has Technology brought down examination malpractices or given more room for smarter ways of cheating?

Should Indian universities/professional colleges including IIMs & IITs go paperless?

Are students using smart gadgets like iPhones/smart phones to cheat on exams?

What technology r Unis/B-schools, Professional colleges using to conduct exams?

Can folks give instances of exam malpractices they are aware of these days?


7 thoughts on “Exam Malpractices: IS PAPERLESS THE WAY FORWARD???

  1. There is a saying that “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, people who want to cheat will find innovative ways to cheat and get away with it.

    But after saying that, moving on to “Paperless” examination puts an end to the conventional methods of cheating. However, it opens up new avenues for the tech savvy cheaters’ to ply their wares.

    How about doing away with examinations itself. That should eliminate most kinds of cheating (i hope!) and grade students throughout the academic year. But I guess this is a totally different topic to what is being discussed in the above post.

    Haven’t given exams in years, so clueless about the type of malpractices happening these days.

    • @rocksta, doing away with examinations would have been an ideal solution actually but when the state SSLC board ushered a grading system students themselves were up in arms against such a system saying their hard work wouldn’t get due recognition. such is the competitive spirit. exams are here to stay for now at least.
      @’A’ corner .. 😀 on the confessional but the gradual decline in teaching standards and our still-by-rote educational system is no laughing matter indeed.
      @ameet – while there are gems of teachers out there, remember i was fortunate to learn under a few the majority don’t speak highly for the teaching profession.. a rethink is certainly required!!
      @guru, bingo my thinker. biometric devices are actually gaining popularity now.remains to be seen if such usage would make sense here given the costs involved and the overhaul required.

  2. It need not be ‘Smartphones’ alone, even cam phones will do. Although I have seen many of my friends using the former to store ppt’s & info, I relied on my ‘Dumb-camera-phone’ to score in my MBA 🙂 Not so proud of the feat but that was the only way out coz the quality of the teaching staff is degrading day by day. And those who have mastered the art of cheating are donning the teaching gown without any knowledge of the subject.
    The fault lies in all of us. We the ‘CHEATERS” are evolving into ‘TEACHERS’ by just jumbling the letters!

  3. Well i think we had to go paperless sooner or later (good for environ).. i dont think internet is a good choice either.. there are number of ways one could out smart technology.. i guess the best way to take an exam is by using biometrics and voice-enabled oral answering… futuristic may be, but reduces a lot of typing, cheating (no one can cheat one’s individual voice!) but not all subjects can use this system.. yeah! cant say 2+2=4 for a computer to analyze.. 😛

    And since most of the IIM tests are aptitude based i guess, one can use technology to analyze this practically on a computer….

    But i feel a good and strong moral grounding in every individual helps to fight any kind of cheating!

    @ RockSta.. good suggestion on the grading system… 😀

    @ ‘A’ Corner.. nice confessional ..:P

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  5. not fair to blame the teaching community. agreed all rnt beacons of enlightenment, yet there are gems amongst us even now( yes i was a teacher too, and hey once a teacher always a teacher) its a problem accentuated by our sytem tat lays marks over merit , scores over intellect, learning over knowledge. cut throat competitos leave no other alter. plus, there is a marked disrespect to education in general since jobs no longer depend on wat u slog to rott in exams.
    malpractices are many a times aided by institutions, my own frend paid to get his chem papers cleared by the college!!

  6. i just want to put 1 point fwd on “should Indian universities/professional colleges including IIMs & IITs go paperless?”
    I think yes, but only after having good infrastructure… if all aspirants can attempt same paper at same time….
    now what is happening in CAT xam, Xams r scheduled on different dates, so different qs sets… now difficulty level may differ & 1 may get benefits on others…

    or else, now everywhere we can here “GO GREEN…”

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