Take a break, and not just a Kit-Kat

Reading this article struck a chord. Brought back the number of times I was palpitating while explaining to a fuming COB or Chief Ed why I wanted a leave on certain rainy days, and remember the times I had others fumble for excuses when the boots were on the other feet!!

Indians especially seem to suffer from an overdose of guilt. We are …

guilty for being too happy when the rest of the world is miserable

guilty for being healthy when the amma working in your house is sick and turns up to work, mumbling all the while

guilty for shopping at discount sales till the plastic melts while the rag-picker at the corner hunts for that bottle of bottled water you probably threw on your way to the mall

guilty for dressing up and glam perhaps while the rest of the aam junta is well, aam-ly dressed

guilty for buying that 15K Diesel jeans while the little boy down the road can barely afford his school fees

guilty for partying at the i-bar or Sutra, if you will, every Friday night on till Sunday when grandma is coughing at home and poor mum has to slave over the stove

guilty that the pet pooch ate a little too much of your leftovers and now looks queasy and throws up all over

guilty that you could afford to buy a post 2BHK while your friend in Mumbai is struggling to find a decent 1BHK for rent

guilty for not answering that dreaded call from a friend who is trying to mooch a few thousands from you and you go the same evening to a swanky restaurant

SO when we have this and god-knows-what-else guilt carried, more like, indoctrinated in us, do you really think we would go tell the Boss we want a day off ??

‘Coz the weather is incredibly lazy

Coz we worked our butts off and put in 16 hour days, nay worked 72 hours and more to meet that all-mighty deadline

‘Coz we rather be home some days than meet grouchy colleagues and even grouchier what-have-you

‘Coz there are days when it is SIN not to be on the road racing the wind

‘Coz there are days when there is nothing better than a stiff shot and a long snooze after

Take your pick

But are we going to tell the Boss, Heh Boss, I need some me-time after all the time I put for you. You got your answer  bud!!


4 thoughts on “Take a break, and not just a Kit-Kat

  1. Gombil how do you read minds pal?

    Time to break the boss’z medula helping him paralyze himself when he refuses to give the break.

    Time not to use the brakes n zoom – cos rather wet than hole up with the glum paralysed boss

    Time to break the coconutz celebrating the escapade and paralyticz!

  2. High time to bring those British & American concepts like the ‘Duvet Days’* to the Indian subcontinent 🙂

    *Act of taking a day off work or school when you ‘just don’t feel up to it’. You are not ill, you don’t want to lie to the boss; you just need a day in bed!!

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