Phew been there and almost done that..

I am not the first one to think, “IS THIS WORTH IT?”, and neither will I be the last.

You are right, I am talking about the rat race I have inadvertently become a part of. Willy nilly though it was I am now well-entrenched in the rigeurs of corporate slavery. A doc recently said,  “STOP. ASK YOURSELF is it worth all the pain your body is enduring and the torture your subjecting your mind to.” The dear lady almost sounded like OPRAH with her booming SAY NO, Live your life today.

Well it will be the 31st a few weeks from now, and that nice lil’  “you got mail”  on my phone showing a message that reflects my healthy bank account after the zero figure has me nodding my head vigorously. YES it is worth it doc, it so absolutely is. I can afford to pay your exorbitant fees, and all the tests you ask me to take, and pay my health insurance EMIs which I have for dire emergency (anytime now). I no longer have to drool when I pass Domino’s Pizza, I can walk in and take away, and I no longer have to avoid the road that has all those shops with the ‘50% off’ / ‘Buy One Take Two’ / ‘Clearance Sale’ , I can walk in swipe my card once more. My debit card that is. You see, unfettered self indulgence had me max my credit card last time and pure lack of fiscal discipline had me take a personal loan to wipe off my credit card debts.

I love plastic, and shiny plastic at that. But the last near-death encounter when I had the credit card agency give me ‘friendly’ reminders about my payments was a EUREKA moment.

I still pay my utility bills and the phone bills with the credit card, and I still allow myself all those indulgences BUT a warning bell, Bruno-esque almost (remember Bruno the Bull Dog in Tom & Jerry), sounds an alarm every time I have crossed or nearly crossed the limit I can’t afford to clear the next month at one shot.

You see, again, in my comatose state when I walked around in hiding months on end ‘coz I was unable to pay my credit card dues also showed me (thanks to those near daily e-bills and reminders) that my Credit Card co, God bless its ugly soul, charges me 32% on a daily basis, not to mention the service tax and education cess, (YES all my self indulgence, glory be, is funding someone’s education, aren’t I the blessed one!!) which in all adds up to 1000+ a day on a small outstanding of 5grand or thereabouts.

SO where am I getting at… HELP, I think I did it again 😉 Now, if any of you know how to have fun and still not land in Shylock’s clutches, CALL NOW…


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