To Tweet or not to Tweet

………… is sure to be the first question to pop up in someone’s mind when tempted to vent rage at that pest of a HR or scumbag of a colleague or brag about putting one up on the management.

While Infosys’ move to monitor tweets and issue a dos’ & don’t s list for Social Media use has garnered eyeballs, a silent shift in corporate policy is taking place on the other side of the world.

Companies in the west have realized and accepted, not too late either, that Twitter is not a fad they can wish away and that Facebook is more than a photo uploading/networking platform so far as managing their employees is concerned.

Instead of shying away from the barbs and brickbats thrown at them, companies are getting more creative and proactive in using social media sites for their own greater/lesser good. Besides setting up Facebook pages and having employees like them, these firms are also having their own employees act as help desk staff to answer queries and respond in a timely manner to issues that their peers face within the organization. This is not only helping to create enormous goodwill among their most import community – employees, but helping them to make employees a part of the growth story. Organisations have realised that it is better to involve employees in the decision making and solution reaching process, rather than alienate them. Besides with the markets looking up, another job is just a patient wait away!!

Monitoring social media is not as difficult as it used to be with new tools and experiments galore in the world wide web. Since this is a relatively new area, there is plenty of room for trial and error, but policing and banning access will not help solve matters any. What do you think?!


2 thoughts on “To Tweet or not to Tweet

  1. Well as far as i know… banning SM doesn’t get the point thru to an employee… he or she will rather get a negative impression about the company rather than being a part of it.. a HR needs to be rather proactive in addressing an employee’s needs.. why fear when u r doing everythin rgt.. you can as well sue him/her if its against a company policy…but… again SM as a tool/weapon gives so many insights from the employee which they are not willing to divulge… On the other hand its a great marketing tool… think bout it… employees can be motivated to use SM for a company’s benefit… in fact if a company says that its into SM monitoring w/o its presence felt on these platforms it gets an overall ZERO.. Social Media is changing the way everyone communicates… SM has come at a time when we ppl have an attention span of mere seconds… so instead of policing i guess companies should join the band wagon and create communities around their products and ppl…

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