’s never as easy as it sounds

Even as I write this, I’m propped up against two pillows having just popped a pill to alleviate my niggling bad pain, it still hurts. I think with dread of having to wake up in the morning and face another day of pain that claws my back and never goes away. Now don’t get the impression that I’m a pill popper, perish the thought! If ever you want an ANTI-pill popper I’m your model specimen.

So what changed my stance? Work and never-ending deadlines, that’s what. Weekends that merge into weekdays, and nights that emerge into days, and days that merge into nights and so on and so forth.

Now after blog post after post of work-life balance, where did I go wrong, you wonder?

Your guess is as good as mine, of perhaps, better than mine.

Here is my deluded thought process:

I have convinced myself office cannot function without me, the good drone. And there they are, having functioned for well on a decade before I decided to be one of the merry men.

That projects would collapse and angry client mails and supervisory to and fros would start the minute I log off my system. And life goes on as usual even in my virtual non-presence or absence, smart colleagues and collaborative clients carry on a cheery banter and work goes on as usual.

That family members can wait because clients and peers and colleagues and supervisors are far more important, after all I get paid a decent amount at the end of the month. And heaven forbid, what if my not attending the call has HR bring this up in the next review, or that colleague who stole my chair uses this against me at the right opportunity. Again, yes you are right. Not attending that call did not get me a quick demotion or an ugly stinker. The no response could be easily explained, after all what is technology for. You were in a no network zone, the battery went dead or be damned, you just did NOT want to answer the call.

LESSON: I’M MORE IMPORTANT, and if I don’t take care of myself no one else will.


2 thoughts on “’s never as easy as it sounds

  1. Glad you woke-up to the fact – you truly are – very important.

    Like the Doc said to Obelix “Your liver is your liver!” – Gobil ‘Your back is ultimately your back”

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