Happiness is….

Happiness is….

This was part of a header for one of the publications I worked for. When the concept was mooted we all had hooted. Who in their right frame of mind would want a serious-minded paper to have mugshots of people in various poses with Close-Up smiles we thought in our collective minds. Of course, we never dared to voice dissent to the power-that-be, after all we were committed to the cause.

Years later, and now Happiness is…. evokes

a whimsical smile for the maverick that our ED was to stand by his belief and actually make us believe too

nostalgia for the great and not-so-great times we had

a sigh for the path I chose to trod

a million memories for every time I think life is short or when I lose yet another person close to me..not necessarily to the grim reaper

childhood. i rush out to smell the wet earth and feel the first drops of rain; laugh out loud when my goofey dog does goofier things;bury my head into my mama’s lap when the world seems too much to bear; give a hug to the person closest to me and THANK God I’m ALIVE and i have the power to share myself in all the ways i possibly can

a wet lick from my pup after a hard day at work

My choco ball

tinkling laughter from my lil’ niece or any other kid for no rhyme or reason but that they are happy

my grandpa’s toothless smile

a bowl full of fish swimming lost in their own world

a bowl full of ice cream when i don’t have an inch to spare but my tummy obviously does

goey chocolate ice cream with melting hot chocolate and nuts and i have to fight for it with my buddies


and where is work in the midst of Happiness?!

i don’t know if Happiness is…

a client sending a mail of appreciation followed by a mail that yells at you for missing periods and pauses

a pat on the back from the boss only to be pulled up coz you forgot to mark them on some internal communication

an exclusive that you worked hard to get only to read another pub do a better job of it

write in with the others you have for what Happiness means to you…


7 thoughts on “Happiness is….

  1. Ok, lets see…

    A steaming mug of bed cinnamon-chai on Sunday morning.

    Watching the rain from the balcony.

    A message in the middle of day the saying you are being missed.

    A good morning message from someone who keeps going off your radar, and has suddenly decided to get back in touch. 🙂

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