Being a working professional or more accurately a career woman for over a decade I realized certain problems faced in the workplace are gender-neutral. Snide remarks, poor appraisals,  sexist comments, subtle negative feedback and downright bitching are just a few of the puddles one has to jump over to climb up or walk out. Though not every organization has the same ilk of people, a vast majority unfortunately turns out a rotten capsicum or two…enough to mottle what was probably your “ideal”  job.

The greatest lesson I imbibed through these years of growth and personal relationships developed in various set ups is the Onus is on YOU – the individual, and not the Entity, your organization.

No matter what change management is brought in place or what Empowerment is provided, unless YOU look within and harness your talents and strengths there can never be any help without that will be strong enough to shield you or Lift you through the quagmire of officegiri.

This blog is an endeavor to share some my experiences and learn from you about best practices to make the workplace more than a stopgap before the next big paymaster comes along.


4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Apt.. I believe that for everything that can be changed, the onus is on us to go ahead and change it the way we want it. It’s all a creative process, where there isn’t much room for a comfort zone. And as time passes, it becomes even more imperative to nurture our hidden creativity.

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